How to Create Nat Gateway Using CloudFormation

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In this lecture, you will learn how to create NAT Gateways and Route Tables using CloudFormation.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:03 – Save your CloudFormation template as yaml format
4:18 – Template Version
4:49 – Template Description
5:16 – Parameter
7:10 – Resources

How to Create a NAT Gateway in AWS:

CloudFormation Documentation:

Template Section:

Template Version:

Template Description:





Intrinsic Function:

Resource and property reference:

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5 thoughts on “How to Create Nat Gateway Using CloudFormation”
  1. Fair Warning: Running a NAT Gateway all the time is going to be very expensive. AWS charge per hour for a NAT Gateway. At today's price that is about 38USD per month. This video creates two NAT Gateways, so 76 USD per month. The purpose for these NAT Gateways in this video is for updates and/or patches, therefore only launch your NAT Gateway stack when you are performing those actions, otherwise keep this stack off and save your money.

  2. could you please tell me the name of that extension doing auto complete with you in vs cod while scripting in video

  3. Great work. Very detailed and the pace is awesome and flawless.
    Could you possibly do a video on CF for AWS VPN with SAML2 authentication (Okta or Azude AD)

  4. very detailed demo & great work, i want to create this template in the same vpc template before not top of it so for this to work can i use the !GetAtt PublicSubnet1.Subnetid

  5. Great tutorial and demo. and thank you fro the frequent detailed exposure to CloudFormation. Really cannot wait for more projects.

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