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How to Create EKS Cluster Using Terraform + IAM Roles for Service Accounts & EKS Cluster Autoscaler


In this video, we will create an EKS cluster using Terraform.

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0:00 Intro
1:06 Create AWS VPC Using Terraform
1:24 Create Internet Gateway AWS Using Terraform
1:34 Create Private and Public Subnets in AWS Using Terraform
3:24 Create NAT Gateway in AWS Using Terraform
4:09 Create EKS Cluster Using Terraform
7:09 Create IAM OIDC Provider EKS Using Terraform
10:17 Create Public Load Balancer on EKS
12:01 Create Private Load Balancer on EKS
13:01 Deploy EKS Cluster Autoscaler
15:08 EKS Cluster Auto Scaling Demo

Source Code
– Tutorial: https://antonputra.com/terraform/how-to-create-eks-cluster-using-terraform/
– Support Channel: https://github.com/sponsors/antonputra

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