How to Create an Application Load Balancer Using CloudFormation

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In this lecture, you will learn how to create an Application Load Balancer using CloudFormation.

0:00​ – Introduction
0:15 – Save your CloudFormation template as yaml format
0:33 – Copy template sections
1:59​ – Template Version
2:24 – Template Description
​2:50 – Parameter
5:15​ – Metadata
6:26​ – Resources

How to Create an Application Load Balancer:


Course Assets:

CloudFormation Documentation:

Template Section:

Template Version:

Template Description:





Intrinsic Function:

Resource and property reference:

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15 thoughts on “How to Create an Application Load Balancer Using CloudFormation”
  1. Even u have fast fluency, u narrated in perfect teaching speed to grasp for everybody. Thanx a lot Sir

  2. My brother, Thank you so much for your videos🙏. Informative and really easy to follow.👌🏾

  3. Hi ,Thanks for your time on sharing the knowledge.please help me the below queries.
    1.- RedirectConfig:

    Host: '#{host}'

    Path: '/#{path}'
    i did not get this,where and how it was used?

    2.plz do or share for auto scaling?


  4. you are legend please i need cloudformation template creating one ec2 instance to finish this

  5. Hi , Can you make a video on how to buy a domain from AWS route 53, create ALB, install SSL for wordpress website using letsencrypt or other SSL and phpmyadmin. Thanking you in advance

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