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How to Create a CI/CD Pipeline in Azure DevOps | Azure DevOps Tutorial | CI/CD Full Course


Learn how to create CI/CD Pipelines in Azure DevOps environment | Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines will improve software’s frequent delivery by adapting Azure DevOps services. A CI/CD pipeline will perform automated monitoring and controlling over the application’s delivery to improve its integration and testing phases.

Continuous Integration(CI) is an automated process that allows any code changes in code to an application to be regularly developed, tested, and merged to a shared repository. Continuous Delivery(CD) represents the deployment of artifacts into the production environment. This will automatically test the bug and upload it to a repository.

This video tutorial explains the building and executing procedure of the CI/CD pipeline in the Azure DevOps system. Through this video, you can understand the complete lifecycle of the application at a high level.

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►How to create a CI pipeline in DevOps
►Generating Azure Artifacts for CD Pipeline
►Publishing the application in different environments using CD pipeline
►The various stages of applications journey between the development and production of machines

‍ This CI/CD pipeline tutorial was compiled by me, Sandeep Soni. I am an Azure Solutions Architect and Microsoft Certified Trainer for cloud courses with 25+ years of experience as a software and corporate trainer.

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