How much Math I use as a Data Analyst

Statistics & Probability Course for Data Analysts ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ

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00:00 Intro
00:59 Arithmetic
01:33 Algebra
02:30 Descriptive Statistics
03:57 Probability Distributions
07:19 Regression – Advanced Statistics
09:07 Thu’s Recommendations

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46 thoughts on “How much Math I use as a Data Analyst”
  1. Whatโ€™s the most advanced math youโ€™ve used with data?

    Also, thank again to Coursera for sponsoring this video and Thu Vu for helping me out with this video! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

  2. Hi luke , i have done masters in statistics ,i want to start my career as data analyst but i am so confused about how and where to start . Please help me out

  3. Luke, I need some advice for my LinkedIn profile. Since I haven't fully transitioned to a Data Analyst role yet. Do you think I should split my current title. Example: Data Analyst/Retail Manager or vice versa. Or just put Data Analyst for more visibility.

  4. yo Luke, just wanted to say thanks again lol! i got my 3rd internship in business intelligence / data analytics and it all started last year. i just remember watching your videos in the car on lunch breaks, and it really helped me get serious and guide me to where i am now. appreciate you!

  5. I really didn't like the multiple distractions during the first few minutes. I just want to know the point.

  6. Stats student who works in analytics right now! Totally agree with everything in this video ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

  7. Luke you know Excel has a neat tool called Data Analytics tool. All it takes is few clicks and you get results within seconds. I used it on a data with 10 million records and it works fine.

  8. Knowing the various data distributions is essential to the job as arithmetic if you're looking to be more than be a chart farmer.

    It's important for troubleshooting your dataset and provide that analysis that stakeholders really want. Cuz your bosses don't want just a chart. They want the answer to the question the chart supports. The story (or context for decisions) requires a firm understanding of data sampling, biases, and distributions and how that relates to the business. This part of stats is IMHO so much more vital than knowing probabilities.

    Like if youre a new hire, prepare to be shocked the number of times bosses make decisions around an "average" from a data set when the distribution isn't gaussian (e.g. ARPU is good for budgetary forecasting but not for detailed sales measurements)

  9. Very interesting!

    I agree that the most important part is Statistics and Probability rather than "raw Mathematics"

    Moreover you can apply the Pareto rule and probably with the 20% of the mathematical knowledge you need you can obtain the 80% of the results.


  10. Hi! I'm a long time listener, first time caller… or something like that.

    just a quick question.

    I notice you recomend a MacBook Air M1 with only 8GB memory.
    Why do you recomend only 8GB or RAM? Do you find that is enough for you to do your job,
    or are you mostly doing processing in the cloud, and you are less worried about having a
    powerful computer, and more about needing something portable, fast, and unix?

    I am looking for a new computer, and PyTorch just released an update stating that they will
    soon be able to support building models on the Apple Silicone GPU architecture. It's a really
    tempting purchase, but if I get the thing fully spec'ed out, it's a bankrupting amount of money.
    But, if I can get away with 8GB for daily, non-cirtical applications, maybe I can get the lower
    grade machine.

    What do you thinK?

  11. Thanks for your efforts.. wondering if you can help me to make up my way to google data science, especially business intelligence/analytics like a learning path or interview questions credible source and so

  12. Hey Luke, i was wondering if i should do a statistics majos to become a data scientist ou is it a good idea to continue my biology major for the science and statistics involved

  13. hi luke.. i am really intrested in analytics and I am doing courses related to tableau and power BI and little bit of coding in python.
    But I am in a dilemma of how to progress in this field and how to improve myself and crack a job after my education.

  14. When you pointed the outliers it reminded me that I once worked on a product that used IQR to detect outliers for fraud and actually worked really well despite not being fancy data science-y magic. Thanks for the great vid!

  15. Iโ€™m pretty sure Data*Data = Pretty Hefty Data!

    How do you feel about calculator watches?

  16. Really enjoyed the video Luke! Helping me quell my new grad worries of finding a job ๐Ÿ˜†
    One thing though, about the R-squared, isnโ€™t it โ€œwhat percentage of the variability in salaries (observed data/target/โ€˜yโ€™) is explained by the years of experience (model/independent variable/โ€˜xโ€™). To me it sounded like you said the reverse, I could have just misinterpreted though

  17. I am doing a PhD in Applied Mathematics & Statistics looking at Oceanography… I'm really a software engineer that's using a lot of composition.

  18. Box and wiskers plots? Sounds like some sort of cat funeral service ๐Ÿค” MODE = Humor

  19. Can you do a video of the steps you take to learn about a database and tables when you encounter a new one that you have to work with for the very first time? What's the quickest way to get productive when dealing with a new database and understanding the relationships, etc…?

  20. Great video as always , i would like to add linear algebra that is very useful for multivariate data or things like PCA or factor analysis

  21. Hey, luke hope you have a good day, But I want to ask I am from NON computer science background and want to pursue Data Analytics and I am a business graduate from INDIA, Can I pursue in this field ??

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