How I Would Learn Data Science in 2022 (If I Could Start Over)


    Hi friends, in today’s video I am sharing my framework on how I would learn data science in 2022 if I had to start all over again. The video is inspired by @Ken Jee who recently did a video on this topics and I wanted to share my take from experience.

    Video mentioned:
    Python vs R | Which is Better for Data Scientist?
    Data science roadmap: What skills you should learn first?

    0:00 Intro
    0:51 Study the Job Family
    2:30 Research the Role
    3:46 Learn Stats & ML Theoretical
    5:26 Learn to Code
    7:14 Build Project Portfolio
    9:26 Prepare for Interview
    10:57 Outro


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    1. Hi Sundas,
      I am from Sindh,Pakistan.
      I am undergraduate Mathematics (3rd year) student. My path towards Data Science, I have learnt C++ and Python and Now enrolled Machine Learning course with Computer Science Students. Now I am in Six semester so in the coming two semester I will enroll Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Firstly, I preferred Machine Learning over AI because ML covers more topics of AI. After My graduation As Mathematics student I will choose my career as Data scientist.
      If you have any suggestion regarding my choice please aware me.

    2. Thanks so much for clearing it out. I am learning data science on my own. I started learning statistics few months ago, almost done. I was a little confused and restless if i made the right choice by learning statistics first. I read a lot of comments on quora where people said that coding should be the first step, it didn't make much sense to me. Now its all clear and i have gained confidence after watching your video. I have a similar road map to what you just said. Thanks so much for inspiring and giving us so much info. All the best and really looking forward to watch your future videos.

    3. I want to become a data scientist working in the finance domain (I am not sure which division specifically for now, but I am sure its in the finance space). I know the basics of python for data science (pandas, numpy, etc) and I have done a few projects on kaggle. However, I am going to soon pursue a masters in data science and I am worried about the math. How much math is really required for data science? Intuitively, I understand why statistics plays a big role, but what about linear algebra and calculus? Like, how much of those do you need and what specific topics / learning objectives should you know before you can confidently say they are sufficient? (Sufficient to be a data scientist)

      Also – I understand that data science is a huge field and different parts of data science requires different skillsets, but I am looking to be right in between data analysis and machine learning. I am very much interested in machine learning, but then again, i don't want to go too deep into it considering my calculus isn't as strong.

      Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you for your time in advance!