How I learned Data Science || from a pinoy datascientist

In this new video, I talk about my experience and journey toward becoming a data scientist. My entire journey is not the usual way but the learning taught me enough skills and land me a data science role. How I learned data science isn’t necessarily the right way, it is just how it turned out for me. There are definitely things I would have improved and hopefully, you can learn from my experiences and mistakes!

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24 thoughts on “How I learned Data Science || from a pinoy datascientist”
  1. Hello I am 59 its old, am I still eligible be a data analyst and be accepted b companies..

  2. Sir have u heard of Refocus are they good i heard for a 7 month training it will cost like 30k. Your thoughts?

  3. thank you for sharing this Sir.. if possible, can you tell the IT company that you worked for here in the Philippines? it seems like they really invest in their employees.. thank you again

  4. Hi. So… I am very far off from data science but I do want it as a career in the near future. I am a Medtech. Yes, it is very far off. 😊 At first I was thinking of taking MS bioinf because since I have the biology/chem background down, I can use it in bioinformatics, what i needed to learn though is to program. But this path though will take a while (and alot of money) since it will be 2 years of school again and a thesis at the end. I came across data science which is not far off bioinf in terms of data analysis except is it has much more big data and not just a genomic data. So I found both interesting, I just find that bioinf is not really practical in money/time sense. Now that I basically wrote down my entire plan for the future 😂 my question is, do you think a going to bootcamp on data science is smart? I plan to do a bootcamp or a 2 year crash course of it online and probably find internships then maybe build connections during those.

    There’s a bootcamp which basically range from 8 weeks to 6 months and there is a 2 year masters degree on it and I cannot decide which is smarter

  5. Idol ano pong ginagamit na mga tools and apps or platforms na ginagamit ng mga data scientist here in the ph?

  6. Hello, asking po as a college student. How do I usually get datasets? I am really struggling to find datasets here in the Philippines, can you give me some advices please 🥺 it would help me a LOT thank you

  7. Very helpful sir, btw kaya po pala familar kayo, kayo po pala instructor namin sa project SPARTA about machine learning and deep learning hehe 😀

  8. Watching all your content po. Its very helpful data science track kinuha ko and sana kayanin ko lalo na hindi talaga ako katalinohan pagdating sa math.

  9. Hi, I want to pursue Data Science. I just turned 30 this year and my Bachelor's and Master's degrees are on Math education. Will it be hard for me? Any advice?

  10. I am a graduate of BS math program but i dont have advanced statistic course. Can i apply as data analyst?

  11. hi, what's the best undergraduate program to become a data scientist? bs statistics, bs applied mathematics or bs computer science?

  12. Can you please do some videos on how to get the real world coordinates of an object from a camera stream. It would be of great help. I find your videos really helpful.

  13. For me, being a Data Scientist's should not set any boundary, profession or domain experty. Data Science is what the Data Scientist is doing whatever it is.

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