How I got Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certified


    I’ve been upskilling myself on engineering data services on Google Cloud. I didn’t meet the prerequisites for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification so I used online courses to get me there.

    Do you need to do this certification to be a good data scientist/engineer or machine learning engineer? No.

    A certificate is only one way of showing others your skillset. In my role as a machine learning engineer, we partner with businesses who like to put their projects in the hands of people who are professionals (as do we all).

    If you have any questions about the certification or anything else to do with machine learning engineering, please feel free to reach out.

    In the meantime, here are the links I mentioned in the video.

    Get GCP Certified Online Course (includes Data Engineer) –
    How I got Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certified article –
    Free Intro to GCP on A Cloud Guru –
    The Data Dossier eBook from Linux Academy –
    Google Cloud Minute Videos –
    Data Engineering on Google Cloud cheatsheet by Maverick Lin –
    Google Cloud Data Engineering on Coursera –

    Web –
    Quora –
    Medium –
    Twitter –
    LinkedIn –
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