How He Got Selected As A Business Analyst In Startup🚀

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By Rahul M

38 thoughts on “How He Got Selected As A Business Analyst In Startup🚀”
  1. Dada.. If possible.. Kindly make such video in English. loved the content.. But If It's been in the English.. Some of us would have understand very well.

  2. Hii bro I from middle class family so please explain the guvi platform is best for learning purpose. Full stack developer course fees is 80k is worth it bro.can i choose this platform.

  3. U have beautiful content bt plz cn u also provide captions so that many of us cn understand the same in english or hindi

  4. I am also switching my carrier from Diploma civil to Data engineer. your interview give big motivation to me.
    Thankyou 👍👍 நன்றி..🙏🙏🙏

  5. Bro , I wanted to start career from my passion which is game development and designing. Is it ok for joining any game development companies from IT developer role or directly can I join after non CSE branch or needed some preparation for my passion like any useful courses.

    Can you ask any candidate for this field?

  6. Bro am being an architect the topic which u had taken Is was exactly talking to my project core civil team. Young Civil engineers should be elevated better in terms of pay back. But the sad part is they don’t get paid so they switch their career

  7. Hi Rahul came across this video I'm one of your new subscriber could you please guide on SAP domain and the ways to boost up

  8. Hi Rahul recently i have enrolled business analytics course @relevel is it really worth for career as well as Placement , kindly do some video on Relevel Course !

  9. Hi Brother I have registered in skill lync .
    I got a call on another day from a guy he guided me to start a career with data science.
    He promised me that I wil get a job after completing a 8 months of course …
    It's a online course also they provide certificate and computer kit to attend the online class.

    Is that true can I go further ?
    Pls someone help me..

  10. Its doesn't matter where you are now,it doesn't matter who you are,keep doing your effort dreams will come in reality
    Passion mukiyam carrier um mukiyum

  11. Bro schooling has been finished ,,nad i am now bba 1st year can I learn something and get a job nor a part time job .help me out bro i had finished cs in schooling ….can I earn something bro ??

  12. Hi bro iam also a civil engineering with 4 years of experience in that field but right now I have to change my career into IT jobs because still now t got only 20k and Iam very must interested in business analyst. First I like to fully understand that subject and then try to get that job Do u know any good academy to study BA in chennai

  13. Can u suggest me ….what are the courses we need to learn to become buisness analyst ….plz reply ??

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