How do I troubleshoot Remote Desktop connection issues to my Amazon EC2 Windows Instance?


    Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center:
    Chris, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to troubleshoot Remote Desktop connection issues to your Amazon EC2 Windows Instance.


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    1. Thanks a lot for the tutorial.Now I can connect from home to AWS server but from Office can not and the reason ist Firewall.Wiresharp shows that AWS reply to ports which is not open.We have exact ports to connect. Is it possible to set RDP to use the exact source port number? I did research on google and unfortunately no luck, that is why i ask you maybe you can help me.

    2. Can you please help me regarding my amazon workspace ?? It was working fine from 1 month on my internet connection but now it just can't get connected after " Launching session" it kept loading and then just get back o login page .. i tried it out with different internet connection it only works with 1 connection but not with main internet devices i have …. more over when the session launched with my secondary connection i swtich to my real wifi and then it kept working on my main connection. Please need help

    3. With this tutorial, I tried to resolve this error: "The system administrator restricted the logon types (network or interactive) allowed" that occurred in an EC2 Windows Server 2016 Data center instance, but it was not possible. Any way to solve this seppuku from AWS?