How can I connect to a private Amazon RDS instance from local system through EC2 as a bastion host?


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    For more details see the Knowledge Center article with this video:
    Karthiga shows you how to connect to a private Amazon RDS DB instance from a local machine using an Amazon EC2 instance as a bastion host.


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    1. You hardcoded the private IP address in the security group. How can you guarantee that the private IP address won't change? Would it be better to make another security group and have a inbound rule that allows all port3306 traffic within that group and make the EC2 bastian host and the RDS contain that security group?

    2. I have created an Oracle DB in private subnet. I am not able to connect to it using these steps. I followed all steps. i even checked the automated execution AWSSupport-TroubleshootConnectivityToRDS which also gives me SUCCESS. But, I cannot connect to my Oracle DB instance from MySQL Workbench. Any suggestions? Please assist