Hosting Python package in Azure DevOps Guide. Setup/Build/Deploy/Install

How to setup a python package/library? How to build a python package? How to publish a python package to Azure DevOps Artifacts? How to install a python package from a Azure DevOps feed?

This video should answer most of your questions regarding python packages and Azure DevOps.

Tutorial Links:
Azure Devops:
Packaging Docs:
Pip Conifg Docs:
Package & Deliver:

00:00 package setup
07:04 Azure DevOps build & deploy
21:38 install package

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20 thoughts on “Hosting Python package in Azure DevOps Guide. Setup/Build/Deploy/Install”
  1. Hi Raw Coding, thank you for the post. I am having some issues with CmdLine. I keep getting the following error:

    Forbidden – User '6aad9f02-8bee-4eac-98d3-76f400db356c' lacks permission to complete this action. You need to have 'ReadPackages' or 'AddPackages'.
    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  2. This video is great – thank you for the clear explanation and actual walkthrough. Would you do a video or give instructions of how to add the credentials (min 23:05) into a conda.yaml or requirments.txt file that is then pushed to Azure ML with Environment.from_conda_specification to create an AMLS environment? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello, Good video explanation. I have one question here, I have a requirement in my project that we publish python packages like pandas, NumPy for ML projects, can I make a bundle of all these modules and publish it as a single artifact? I am new to python as well. Need some help here. Thanks

  4. Thank you for a very informative video. I am stuck at the uploading stage. My artifacts are very small in size: 16-18K, there's two of them in my dist folder, one is the actual tar.gz and the other one is ending in py3-none-any.whl. I am doing twine upload –verbose but it is not giving me much in terms of extra info. It is just spinning forever trying to upload these two small files. I was wondering if you could suggest anything. Thanks!

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