Herald Oracle buys 40 mangos before 10 minutes

In this video from Jenkins stream, he watches a game from the legendary Herald: Spursfan. He plays Oracle mid and buys 40 mangos before 10 minutes.

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33 thoughts on “Herald Oracle buys 40 mangos before 10 minutes”
  1. When there's no ward, people complain. But when the map is lit up in wards people also complain, whaaaa?

  2. this oracle is the same player thn the gran master treant lol Spurs fan i remember this name xd

  3. "you never see sentry wards in heralds replay, and this is the only game where everybody buying them, this is like a glitch in the fucking matrix" lmao

  4. Jenkins i dont know if this is the correct place to send replays or not but if you have the time do check this replay out where dire won a 2% win probability game after 84 minutes and radiant lost with a 100k gold lead due to low morale also the radiant drow ranger denied the aegis twice
    the match id is 6542328823 i think

  5. Watch your video give me courage to play. I hope to meet all that dumb ppl every single game i play 😝😝😝

  6. Just imagine how happy he wiil be while playing Keeper of the Light! Goddamn

  7. So many thing happen, but u guys didnt mention that morph use Manta to get out kinetic field. Holy.

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