Hadoop Tutorial - The YARN

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Data Engineering using is one of the highest-paid jobs of today.
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Are you in database development, data warehousing, ETL tools, data analysis, SQL, PL/QL development?
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If you are a working professional:
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ScholarNest is offering a one-stop integrated Learning Path.
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The course delivers an example-driven approach and project-based learning.
You will be practicing the skills using MCQ, Coding Exercises, and Capstone Projects.
The course comes with the following integrated services.
1. Technical support and Doubt Clarification
2. Live Project Discussion
3. Resume Building
4. Interview Preparation
5. Mock Interviews

Course Duration: 6 Months
Course Prerequisite: Programming and SQL Knowledge
Target Audience: Working Professionals
Batch start: Registration Started
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22 thoughts on “Hadoop Tutorial – The YARN”
  1. Great videos sir. Thank you again. I am sure many have said that, if someone happens to see one part of any course, they would definitely want to watch all the other courses. The best part of tutorials are examples which makes me understand in better way. Hope to see more videos.

  2. Hello, Please add Spark tutorial, I was first to request you this when you just started Hadoop series. You added Scala similar please add Spark soon. Thanks!

  3. I am following your lectures over the last few days.
    I literally saw your subscriber count go up by 50, which included me too. 🙂
    God bless you and I wish you reach the skies.
    (And take these blessings seriously sir, they are from one lecturer to a great teacher 🙂 )
    Thank you.

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