Hadoop Multi Node Cluster Setup | Hadoop Installation | Hadoop Administration Tutorial | Edureka

Check our Hadoop Multi-node Installation blog here: https://goo.gl/dZPg6S
This Hadoop tutorial takes you through basics of setting up Hadoop Multi Node Cluster. This tutorial video is specially designed for beginners to learn Hadoop Administration.
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This video will help you understand:
• Hadoop components and configurations
• Modes of a Hadoop Cluster
• Hadoop Multi Node cluster
• Hands-On

Check our Hadoop Multi-node Installation blog here: https://goo.gl/Ju36Yi

The topics related to ‘Hadoop Admin’ have been widely covered in our course.

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22 thoughts on “Hadoop Multi Node Cluster Setup | Hadoop Installation | Hadoop Administration Tutorial | Edureka”
  1. Sir, thank you for your video,,, can you help me plz.
    after (hdfs namenode -format ) i receive this msg
    INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: Stopping services started for active state
    INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: Stopping services started for standby state

  2. ocalhost: ERROR: Cannot set priority of resourcemanager process 9799 similarly in case of datanode resourcemanager nodemanager

  3. Question related to this video. After the .tar file is downloaded from the Apache website, how the same file would be available in all the nodes? Like NameNode and all the DataNodes?

  4. Do you have a tutorial to setup Apache Spark with Hadoop/Yarn in a 3-node cluster environment?

  5. Thanks for awesome video. Just one question, how are you able to ssh from host to centos vm in Host-only mode? it is possible through bridge mode only right?

  6. Very good tutorial, but l have one question :
    l have setup multicluster nodes and they working find , but how l can connect client to this cluster nodes , so all logs can be redirected to cluster ?

  7. i know the hadoop and how to set uphadope in single node
    and want to know more about hadoop
    i want to learn the multinode hadoop

  8. when I am executing hadoop command giving hdfs dfs -ls.
    It says no such file or directory. Please help

  9. Hi Sir, first of all the session was gr8. But, you haven't mentioned the name of the book for Hadoop Administrator. Kindly, Provide the details of some of the best books which we can refer specially for Hadoop Admin.
    Waiting for your response.

  10. I have C program written in 16 bit system , I have to generate big prime numbers unfortunately which i cannot. My question is how i can use cluster and use the power of more then one pc to generate even bigger prime number more then that what a single computer can generate. Thanking you .

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