Groovy Scripting Part 2


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    SOAPUI tutorial,
    SOAPUI tutorial video,
    REST Protocol,
    SOAP Protocol,
    reading REST response,
    reading SOAP response
    What is WSDL,
    Groovy scripting,
    What is a webservice,
    SOAP Protocol SOAPUI,
    REST protocol SOAPUI,
    Download and install SOAPUI,
    roovy.sql.Sql package,
    Groovy database connection,
    GroovyRowResult class,
    DataSet – Altering database,
    Reading/Writing Xls Files SOAPUI,
    Testing SOAP webservices,
    Testing REST webservices,
    Assertions in SOAPUI,
    XmlHolder class,
    Parse Response ,
    testRunner Variable,
    soapui logging,
    WsdlTestRunContext ,
    Properties at Different Level (TestCase, TestSuite, Project, Global),
    Property Expansion,
    Properties test step,
    API Testing,
    Query parameters,
    Template parameters,
    Header parameters,
    Matrix parameters,
    Plain parameters,
    POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests,
    DataSource Test Step,
    DataSource Loop Test Step,
    DataSink Test Step,
    Regular expressions in Xpaths,
    XQuery Assertion,
    SOAPUI Training


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