Groovy Scripting in SoapUI Complete Guide | Assertion and Checkpoint validation

Learn in depth about Groovy scripting in SoapUI and utilizing groovy script assertion against all other conventional assertions to validate Request responses.

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Groovy Scripts can be used at the following places in SoapUI:

1)As part of a TestCase with the Groovy Script TestStep, allowing your tests to perform virtually any desired functionality
2)Before and after running a TestCase or TestSuite for initializing and cleaning up before or after running your tests.
3)When starting/stopping a MockService to initializing or cleaning-up MockService state
4)When opening/closing a Project, for initializing or cleaning-up Project related settings
5)As a dynamic DataSource or DataSink with the corresponding DataSource/DataSink test steps
6)For providing dynamic MockOperation dispatching.
7)For creating dynamic MockResponse content
8)For creating arbitrary assertions with the Script Assertion
9)To extend SoapUI itself (see Extending SoapUI), for adding arbitrary functionality to the SoapUI core

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10 thoughts on “Groovy Scripting in SoapUI Complete Guide | Assertion and Checkpoint validation”
  1. I am getting error for using – messageExchange.responseContent as below. We are using ReadyAPI 6.3.0 Could you please tell why this is not working?

    def holder = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder( messageExchange.responseContent );

    When I try to execute this script , I get this pop up which says groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException:No such property:messageExchange for class

  2. Hi, I am beginner for soap ui..i am learning "automate REST API". I am getting response in json. My question is "groovy script to count json elements found by a jsonPath query"..

    Is there any property which can help to count no. of json elements?

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