Groovy Fundamentals

This video is part of the Udacity course “Gradle for Android and Java”. Watch the full course at


7 thoughts on “Groovy Fundamentals”
  1. You called "noargs" function, but the actual function you had defined earlier is "noArgs" that is, uppercase A, not lowercase a. Hence the error is being shown. Please check it.

  2. So the just mixed in some JSON-YAML, Python and Java in one place. What was the reason for not making it look and behave like any normal programming lang…

  3. Somehow the left shift has become verboten and generates a build failure. build.gradle must now start with just 'task groovy {}'

  4. Groovy is awesome.
    I wonder if there are jobs for Groovy users, or can I get a Java job somewhat easier if I also know Groovy?

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