Groovy Beginner Tutorial 1 | What is Groovy

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Hi, I am Raghav & today we will learn: Getting Started | What is Groovy
Features & Overview

Static and Dynamic programming languages

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21 thoughts on “Groovy Beginner Tutorial 1 | What is Groovy”
  1. Hey Raghav! Fantastic videos!

    For writing Jenkins Pipeline scripts, which extent of the 31 videos on Groovy that you made are needed? Thanks

  2. Hi Raghav,

    Is it necessary to have java basics to learn Groovy scripting?

    I have zero knowledge of Scripting. Could you please suggest anything?

  3. Hi Raghav, like your videos. did you get a chance to create any video combining Jenkins pipeline with groovy.

  4. Hi Raghav, does this groovy tutorial will help writting groovy script in Jenkins pipeline

  5. Aah. I was looking for groovy tutorials and thank God i stumbled upon your tutorial Raghav! 😊

  6. Hi am very excited this video is very nice can you please provide groovy full session links

  7. Hi Sir. I need Web service automation testing using python video. Need to learn from scratch. Help me sir.

  8. Write a program in Groovy that asks for a number and displays a single answer as the following: – If the number is a multiple of 2, print "GU" – If the number is a multiple of 3, print "RO" – If the number is a multiple of 5, print "BI" – If the number is a combination, print the combination (ex: for 6, print "GURO") – If the number is not a multiple of 2, 3 or 5, print “INVALID” – If the number is 0, exit

  9. Hi Raghav, This is very good Groovy series. Are you also planning to combine Jenkins pipelines with Groovy? It would be great!

  10. I was struggling to understand the Groovy. Even i search in udemy, but you made it me to learn.
    You made it so simple and easy to learn that i can't explain.
    Loved it. 🙂🙂🙂🙂

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