Google IT Automation With Python Review | Become an IT professional with NO degree?!?

    Get the Coursera Google IT Automation Course here:

    0:00 – Intro
    1:23 – Course Content
    2:49 – Skills Learned
    4:47 – Tips for Completion
    6:03 – Time needed to Complete the Google Certification
    6:33 – My Favorite things about Google IT Automation w/python
    7:09 – Cons of the IT Automation with Python Course
    8:34 – Does it help you get a job?
    9:23 – Will It Help You Get A Job

    My Favorite Resources:

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    1. Thank you for this review. So far, you're the first person that talks about the course like you've taken it (which I think you said you did), vice just going over what's on the Google/Coursera course webpage. I plan to start this course so that I can change careers and get into python, so again, thank you!

    2. Thanks for this honest amazing review, the most important part in getting a job is to have passion for what u are learning and show the employer your enthusiasm and passion, Im a pharmacist since 2005 and I can't wait to finish this course along with IBM cybersecurity analyst to start career change, I'm done with pharmacy.

    3. I enjoyed this type of review, it was more information and the pros and cons balanced the final decision. I personally think the "Google" brand gets a bit stretched for this one. But for the price and quality it might be a great choice for that person who will complete it. I'm currently midway through my IBM one but I have to start thinking which would be the next course I enroll.

      Thank you 🙂