Google Data Analytics Certificate | Should You Take It?

In this video I share my thoughts on the google data analytics certificate after completing the program. I talk about what you stand to learn taking the course, what areas to focus on and how to finish the program in record time.

Direct course link –

0:00: Intro
1:10: Initial thoughts
2:28: What you stand to learn
5:36: Tips to finish in record time
7:10: Final thoughts

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27 thoughts on “Google Data Analytics Certificate | Should You Take It?”
  1. Great video! I finished this certificate and ended up getting a job as an analyst. I can't recommend this certificate enough!

  2. This google courses are horrible. Boring and the lectures just reading a scripted text. Learnt almost nothing.

  3. Great video, coincidentally, i had just enrolled for the course on Coursera few hours ago. However, i have few questions. First i watched your video where you adviced that a begineer starts with mastering Ms excel. Can i combine the EDX excel course with the google certification course. Secondly, how long do you think it will take, investing 3.5 hrs daily to be good with excel, sql and tableau and be able to take up begineer job roles. Thanks a lot.

  4. I’m on week 5 and I’ve lost interest but I’m gonna finish! 😒 I feel lost most of the time but I catch on from time to time:.

  5. Excellent video Wale! I might end up taking this course one day. Data analytics will be very useful for Mechanical Engineer when designing and working on process improvement projects

  6. I took a data science intro class through coursera that was probably unrelated to this. I read the reviews and they were poor, but I didn't listen. It turned out the homework assignments had nothing to do with the stuff the professor talked about. Had to look up everything on stack overflow. Best coursera course I took was intro to Python. I was able to write up a website using it.

  7. if you can get an entry level job cleaning data, that's great. I graduated with a statistics degree years ago. The stuff I learned like minitab and SAS at the time in 1990 was so antiquated, it was useless. You needed lots of SAS experience to be even considered for a stats job regardless of any stats training you had. My profs probably had no idea how far back the training had fallen compared to the market because they were professors and not in the field.

  8. It's my first time learning data analytic things and now on Course3 but I'm afraid if I can really get some practical skills like spreadsheet analysis or SQL etc as those hands-on activities they have don't tell much techs for analyzing. What do you think about that?

  9. How would you say the IBM certificate matches up to the Google Data Analytics certificate?

  10. Thanks so much for this video sir
    I would like to know Which is better between learning the basis about excel, r or python, tableau first before goggle data analytics certificate or learning goggle data analytics certificate first then taking individual courses on each skill.
    I will be looking forward to your reply sir.

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