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Google Data Analytics Certificate | Should You Take It?


In this video I share my thoughts on the google data analytics certificate after completing the program. I talk about what you stand to learn taking the course, what areas to focus on and how to finish the program in record time.

Direct course link – https://coursera.pxf.io/yRPM1N

0:00: Intro
1:10: Initial thoughts
2:28: What you stand to learn
5:36: Tips to finish in record time
7:10: Final thoughts

Edx – Free
Analyzing Data with Excel – https://bit.ly/3aYhcAQ
Data Processing and Analysis with Excel – https://bit.ly/3m05QCL

Coursera Data Analyst Certificates – Paid
Google Data Analyst Certificate – https://coursera.pxf.io/yRPM1N
IBM Data Analyst Certificate – https://coursera.pxf.io/e45z71

Coursera Excel Specializations – Paid
Excel Skills for Business Specialization – https://coursera.pxf.io/vn9MdL
Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization Specialization – https://coursera.pxf.io/4ex9V3
Excel Skills for Business Forecasting Specialization – https://coursera.pxf.io/Kevbbe

LearnSQL – Paid
SQL Fundamentals – https://bit.ly/3K940IP (5% Discount code — lsql-5z24dg)

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