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馃敟Edureka Google Cloud Platform Training (饾悢饾惉饾悶 饾悅饾惃饾悵饾悶: 饾悩饾悗饾悢饾悡饾悢饾悂饾悇饾煇饾煄):
This Edureka video on ‘Google Could Platform Full Course” will give you an introduction to Google Cloud Platform and will help you understand various important concepts that concern Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Platform with practical implementation.
Following pointers are covered in this ‘Google Cloud Platform Full Course’ video:
00:00:00 Agenda
00:04:50 What is GCP
00:16:38 AWS Vs Azure Vs GCP
00:23:35 GCP Tutorial
01:23:20 Google Compute Engine
01:38:55 WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud
01:51:43 Google Cloud App Engine
02:04:44 Google Cloud Anthos
02:14:43 GCP Networking
02:30:33 GCP Database Services
03:12:32 Google Bigtable
03:21:26 Google BigQuery
04:07:28 Google Kubernetes Engine
04:24:17 GCP Terraform
04:44:56 GCP Security Services
04:51:05 Google Cloud IAM
05:13:37 GCP AI Platform
05:26:38 GCP Billing
05:51:55 GCP Best Practices
06:05:08 Google Cloud Certification
06:16:10 How to Become a GCP Architect
06:39:04 GCP Interview Questions

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About The Course

This course will help you pass the Google Cloud Certification Exam for Cloud Architect. The topics mentioned are strictly in line with the official exam guide provided by Google. The course starts with basics of Cloud Computing and as the course progresses you will understand the GCP core infrastructure, how to manage GCP services. This course will also cover how to use command line tools to import data into google cloud storage and run query for data analysis


What are the objectives of our GCP Architect Certification Training?

After completing this Google Cloud Certification training, you should be able to:

路 Understand Google Cloud Platform concepts and terminologies
路 Understand GCP products and services
路 Learn methods to develop, implement, and deploy solutions
路 Distinguish between features of similar or related products and technologies
路 Learn to work with the Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL and Big Query GCP services
路 Manage GCP environments using three different methods (Console, App, Command-Line)
路 Develop knowledge of solution patterns — methods, technologies, and designs that are used to implement security, scalability, high availability, and other desired qualities
路 Understand basics of Big Data and Machine Learning services of GCP


Why should you go for GCP Architect Certification Training?
Google Cloud Certifications are the world鈥檚 most prestigious certifications. Google Cloud Platform is ranked as the world鈥檚 third largest cloud provider. The world-renowned services such as Google Search and Youtube are also hosted on the Google Cloud, which means applications which will be hosted on GCP will share the same world class infrastructure used by other Google products.


Who should go for this GCP Architect Certification Training?

This Google Cloud course is the best fit for:
路 Professionals who want to start their career in Google cloud platform
路 Professionals who want to appear for Google Cloud Certification exam 鈥 Cloud Architect
路 AWS Solution Architect or Microsoft Azure Architect who wants to understand Google Cloud Platform
路 Individuals using Google Cloud Platform to create new solutions or to integrate existing systems, migrate application environments and infrastructure with the Google Cloud Platform

For more information, Please write back to us at or call us at IND: 9606058406 / US: 18338555775 (toll free).


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