GNS3 Talks: Create a Docker based network using OVS and Linux Containers

Free software worth $200:
This is part 5 of a series of videos showaing you how to import and configure Docker containers in GNS3.

Docker Overview:
Open vSwitch:
Ubuntu Part 1:
Ubuntu Part 2:
Ubuntu Part 3:
Ubuntu Part 4


6 thoughts on “GNS3 Talks: Create a Docker based network using OVS and Linux Containers”
  1. Thanks great video. my gns3 appliances don't automatically download and returns an error 500 wish if I would know to how solve it.

  2. Hi David thanks for making these videos, very helpful learning about GNS3. This video is a little dated but I'm trying to follow it and for some reason only one host (ipterm-2) has a ip4 addr while the other (ipterm-1) does not. Ideas?

  3. Can I connect my Local VM (in which I am running SDN controller) with the docker containers and build a visible and working topology?

  4. Thanks David for the great videos.
    I have started messing around with Docker now as this has pricked my interest.

    Having a few issues though through GNS3. I have a custom remote PC that runs GNS3 instead of using the pre made VM as I had issues with this a while back but what's happening is when I add a container and a cloud that is a Linux Bridge to my home LAN network it has connectivity for a short time and then it stops working.
    Even a local ping to a LAN address just stops working. As you mentioned using a NAT cloud a few time what I did was setup a NAT 3725 router with WAN linked to cloud and LAN linked to a switch with few Docker instances. This is slower than is should be to do an apt-get update but at least this works. Not sure what the issue is.

    Another question. When you use a remote server or pre made VM your images and saved projects are not available as you maybe don't have the same images on both remote servers. Is there an easy way to manage switching between multiple remote servers on a client?.


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