GitLab Beginner Tutorial 7 | GitLab CI/CD Getting Started

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Today we will learn
1. What is GitLab CI/CD
2. Create .gitlab-ci.yml
3. Run CI/CD pipeline

GitLab CI is an open source CI service included with GitLab
Since ver 8.0
GitLab CI is an open source Continuous Integration service included with GitLab
Only project maintainers & Admin can access the Settings

Step 1: Add .gitlab-ci.yml in the root folder of your project/repo

– GitLab CI/CD pipeline are configured using YAML file called .gitlab-ci.yml in each project
– .gitlab-ci.yml file defines the structure and order of the pipeline & determines

Mac – textEdit, textWrangler
Windows – Notepad, notepad++

– ci
– echo Hello World

Step 2: Commit and push file to gitlab repo

Step 3: Create GitLab runner for the project
Video –

Step 4: Start the runner

Step 5: Make any change in the project > commit > push


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30 thoughts on “GitLab Beginner Tutorial 7 | GitLab CI/CD Getting Started”
  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for the information you have shared about GITLab. I am new to GITLab and learning so much from your videos. It would be really helpful if you can provide information about
    1- creating merge requests
    2- solving merge conflicts.
    3- Hosting html, css code on GItLab
    4- Stashing the changes
    5- basic git-bash commands

  2. Hey Ragav, I am getting this error:
    Pipeline failing? To keep GitLab spam and abuse free we ask that you verify your identity.
    Until then, shared runners will be unavailable. use your own runners.
    Validate your account or use your own runners,

    Is it because I am using GitLab Trial???

  3. This session makes my job easy as We are using gitlab ci in the current environment….Thank you so much.

  4. GitLab-Runner: There has been a runner system failure, Job failed (system failure), prepare the environment: failed to start the process, exec: “pwsh”

  5. Hi Hi Raghav, awesome video. I follow up your step one by one, but all were failed in Pipelines. And return below message, did you met the same issue.

    User validation required

    To use free CI/CD minutes on shared runners, you’ll need to validate your account with a credit card. If you prefer not to provide one, you can run pipelines by bringing your own runners and disabling shared runners for your project. This is required to discourage and reduce abuse on GitLab infrastructure. GitLab will not charge your card, it will only be used for validation

  6. 20:55 it says failed on both for me even though i have files pushed in my test repo. i dont really understand why all this is necesary 😀

  7. Hi Raghav…nice video at end of video…I am expecting output of job as latest commit….but out put is hello world….from yml script….what is use of pushing new text file there

  8. Hi Raghav, Can you Please do a Video on Multi project Pipeline and Multi Branch Pipeline In Gitlab?

  9. Hello Raghav, Thanks for this wonderful series. I have followed each step my yml file also validated but still I am getting error as Included file `.gitlab-ci.yml` does not have valid YAML syntax!. I have also installed the runner with proper tags. I know its a silly doubt but hope you can help me here

  10. Hi Raghav, got an requirement that i have to Perform CI/CD to Aws from gitlab without Uploading our Server Private key in gitlab CI/cd Variables … Can you please do a video on this

  11. While creating job it gives me pipeline failing and gives an error of shared runner will be unavailable until you validate your account with credit card or use your own runner

  12. Excellent set of videos on GitLab 👍🏽 no fluff, no marketing and to the point. just right for all techies !

  13. Could you tell us the software you use for screen capture, zoom in & out and highlighting.

  14. Continue with the hard work very simple explanation and resourcefulness.Wish you the best

  15. Excellent tutorial for beginners I'm in a better state of knowledge than I was 2 days ago thanks so much

  16. This helped me so much, I'm studying Computer Science and this is one of our tasks now. At first it looked complex and unpleasent but you described it very well, thank you!

  17. Very Helpful Tutorial, Raghav!

    Just want to know how to add a different instruction under the script in the .yml file. I specifically want to run a .bat file (in place of echo Hello World). Thanks again.

  18. great series of tutorials!!!. Hats off to you!! .. I have learnt devops tools jenkins and gitlab using you tutorials..very very basic , step by step and easy to follow and understand . Can you pls make a video on how these tools are used in an enterprise setup. It may not be a hands on tutorial , but just to see different stages of the CI/CD pipeline and how its don in actual exterprise setup..Thank u so much for your effort!!!!

  19. I've watched all of the video in this playlist. These video are easy to follow and had increased my understanding of GitLab CI/CD process. Thanks, Raghav…:) May I suggest you include the CI/CD DevOps graph to illustrate what video #7 had accomplished. My understanding is we just completed code and build which is part of the Continuous Integration. Please continue creating more video to include the Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. In addition, can you please include video on creating Docker image and then include it in the .gitlab-ci.yml.

  20. First of all thank you so much..!!

    Can a yml have multiple jobs,tags

    Once job triggered, changes in yml are pushed. Where exactly are these changes made in the project. Is it test1.txt in which " Hello world " gets pushed

    Are tags used only to trigger a job through runner

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