GitHub Actions Tutorial | From Zero to Hero in 90 minutes (Environments, Secrets, Runners, etc)

In this GitHub Actions Tutorial you will be able to go from zero to hero in 90 minutes. This is a complete course about GitHub Actions.

We will cover EVERYTHING about GitHub Actions:

– What is GitHub Actions
– How GitHub Actions works
– How to Build a GitHub Action
– GitHub Hosted Runners vs Self-hosted runners
– GitHub Actions Environments
– GitHub Actions Secrets

And much more.

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0:00 Intro
1:19 GitHub Actions Overview
6:04 Components of GitHub Actions
7:03 Events (Triggers) details
8:55 Workflows details
15:32 Actions details
20:36 Types of Actions
23:02 Example of Actions
24:31 Actions Creation: Different approaches
27:33 Starter workflows
28:26 Demo: GitHub Actions creation, syntax, and governance
39:27 Debug and Troubleshooting
46:14 CI Workflows with Actions
51:39 CD Workflows with Actions
55:15 GitHub Actions Environments
56:08 Protection Rules
57:52 Deployment Logs
58:50 Demo: Environments Creation, Management and Use
1:04:27 Hosted vs Self-hosted Runners
1:08:48 Runner Groups
1:12:47 GitHub Actions Secrets Overview
1:14:11 Secrets: Organization vs Repository vs Environment
1:17:43 Demo: Secrets Creation, Management and Use
1:23:28 Advanced Scenarios: Custom Parameters, Conditionals


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36 thoughts on “GitHub Actions Tutorial | From Zero to Hero in 90 minutes (Environments, Secrets, Runners, etc)”
  1. What does it mean that 'Point a code from a github (after forking) to other code like API node.' ?

    ie, pointing a forked sign up code to some API. Plz. explain.

  2. Feedback. I think you took it way too long to get practical.

    It's good to start with foundations. But to newbies, like me, learning too much foundations at an earlier stage will turn the materials into confusing jargons. Besides, we may only need a handful of these to start getting productive. All of the polishing and ironing will become due diligence for students to do further research.

    For video tutorial format, I think it's better to show a demo first. Looking at GitHub Actions in action, see when it succeeds, and otherwise when it fails. Then we can reverse engineer it from there on and see what's under the hood. Here you can start explaining how things are actually spinning in GitHub actions.

    Anyway, it's a useful video overall. Maybe better for those with a few experience in CI/CD or Actions, but not that helpful for newbies initially. Thank you for the video. 😄

  3. I prefer long videos when especially when it's like from zero to hero.
    Thanks gain for great content.

  4. I would like to remove “actions” tab on my github private repository as well as restrict users from clicking on " Run workflow " on my environment ( QA ) inside my private repository.

    I would like to know how to review and approve “Run workflow” in an environment ( QA ) inside my private repository.

    Please help how this can be achieved in github actions.

  5. very informative and compact tutorial. I learnt lots of new thing and revised some of previous concepts.

  6. Thank you for this awesome product demo. If possible please also make a follow-up video with and end-to-end pipeline demo.

  7. Just an honest feedback:
    Being GitHub Actions tutorial, you took so long jumping to any real Action through coding…but kept giving boring theory till almost 25 minutes.
    I was desperate to get my hands dirty on the GitHub Actions
    So, please try to explain everything through actions, I would love even more to watch such videos.

  8. I am half way the video and I still don't understand the commands under the "steps" and I am wondering how I would know what commands to run or put in there. what is "- uses:" and what is "- name:" whats the difference between them how do they work and do they have to follow a particular order?

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