Git Tutorial for Beginners

Intro – 00:00
1. What is Git? | Github – 00:05
2. GitHub SignUp – 12:51
3. GitHub Creating Repository – 19:36
4. Creating Branch in GitHub | Pull Request | Merge – 28:22
5. GitHub Fork – 35:57
6. How to Upload Project on GitHub using Eclipse – 43:39

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By Telusko

50 thoughts on “Git Tutorial for Beginners”
  1. 28:35 we can create new branch to have a different version: so that we can commit on it individually and can go back on commits or versions of on that branch individually. And have its commit list as seperate.

  2. TFS in centralized but in TFS we need to make local copy of repository and then we need to check-in code to respective branch . So my question is how can we say that TFS is centralized?. @Telusko please help me with this.

  3. None actually do these many practicals to use this tool on youtube videos.. they mostly give more of theory which is again less interesting … But this is interesting 😀

  4. The explanation is perfect, but please can you show a video regarding git on the client-side and how to deal with git commands to perform the same ones you did on the GUI side?

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