Giant Python Bit My Face 😳

Well… This is the video you’ve been waiting for 😂 at leats some of you 😅 some people think I try to make it look like I get close but this just shows I truly do this to save the eggs and give them their best chance at hatching 🥚 of course do not do what I do 🙏 I have been doing this for over three decades and accidents can still happen 🤷‍♂️

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31 thoughts on “Giant Python Bit My Face 😳”
  1. The snake did not actually bite the man's face, instead the snake gave him a little smooch

  2. God dam your beating the shit out of that poor snake bouncing her head of the table,dropping her multiple times on a hard floor probably should concentrate on what your doing instead of blabbing endlessly and trying to make a video lol

  3. Turn to the Lord they’re watching and returning get it together before they return 🙏🏽💕

  4. Mr man 👨 this snakes 🐍 will kill u one day,,be careful how u go about it because when it comes to this animal issue no one is a super hero like seriously just be very careful sir..

  5. snakes like sharks and other predators love to wait until eye contact is broken before attacking not always but usually

  6. This could be because she is stress since she it's a snake and snake are a cold blooded animal


  7. Am I tripping or did it feel like she actually felt slightly guilty for a few seconds after biting him and pulled back?

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