Getting up and running with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in 30 mins!

Did you know how easy to create an Azure Kubernetes Cluster and deploy your first containerized application?
In this episode, we will create a simple web application using Nginx and containerize the application, then use Azure Kubernetes Service to deploy the application and access via the internet.

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★ Timestamps
0:00 – Intro and Overview
0:52 – Deployment Architecture
4:13 – Prerequisite
6:23 – Authenticate to Azure
8:52 – Create Resource Group
9:55 – Create Azure Container Registry
12:23 – Create Azure Kubernetes Cluster
16:07 – Authenticate to Kubernetes
18:08 – Containerize the Sample Application
22:19 – Authenticate with ACR
27:13 – Application Deployment to AKS
29:06 – Access the Application from the internet
29:22 – Wrap Up

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