Getting started with Kubernetes Ingress Controllers and TLS certificates


    Follow along as I walk through setting up a vanilla Kubernetes cluster with an Nginx Ingress controller, certificate manager, and certificate cluster issuer all in about 15 minutes. You can also check out the accompanied blog post here:


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    1. Hi, I am new around here and the video is great, only bothering thing was autofocus on your camera, it was always adjusting and I think it would be better if you had it at a fixed focus, since you did not change your distance from the camera. I know that this video was uploaded in fall of 2018 and many things has most likely changed, but I wanted to point this out since I really hate it.

      Thank you for great tutorial, you have explained everything I wondered about on first-time watching, that was very nice. Keep it up!

    2. Wow, I'm studying for my AZ-500 and needed to learn more about ingress controllers…what you have taught me is that I know nothing!!!! Amazing work, I have a lot to learn but you did a great job of helping me at least get an idea of all the great potential. Cheers

    3. Thanks for the video! I had to change step 2 because stable/cert-manager is depreciated now ( and the latest version of the chart can be found on the Helm Hub (

      Updated step 2
      2a – helm repo add jetstack
      2b – helm install jetstack/cert-manager –version v0.11.0

      All is well in the world, again thank you for the video.