Getting started with Google Cloud

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Want to get started on your own Google Cloud project? In this episode of Google Cloud Platform Essentials, Stephanie Wong shows you how to navigate the Google Cloud Console, manage projects with Cloud Shell, and speak to some best practices when starting to build your first Google Cloud project. Watch to learn how you can get started and use Google Cloud for your developer needs!


0:00 – Intro
0:24 – walkthrough
1:20 – Google Cloud console walkthrough
3:55 – Google Cloud SDK and Cloud Shell
5:00 – Sign up workflow and tips
6:25 – Resources and key links
6:58 – Conclusion

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Product: Google Cloud Console, Cloud Shell, Google Cloud; fullname: Stephanie Wong;


13 thoughts on “Getting started with Google Cloud”
  1. I just have a personal computer and want to save pictures and text files. I am so confused as to HOW? I don't have a big company….or ANY company.

  2. Dear man please …
    Stop making videos and and do some work … you have also been to the data centre video and a lot of other video

  3. I got kick started into Cloud with The Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Prg. 2021 Offered by Google Cloud. 🌥️🌥️💓💓👍.
    And since the last 2 months i have been enjoying accessing all the Google Cloud Services☁️❤️..As an undergrad. Student IT IS ACTUALLY FASCINATING TO know so much of Cloud related concepts and WORK WITH IT 💓☺️.
    THANKS Google💝😊.. #Google #GoogleCloud

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