Getting started with Azure Kubernetes Service | Skaffold with Spring Boot Example | Tech Primers

This video covers how to get started with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and leveraging Skaffold for deploying a Spring Boot application in AKS

🔗Free tier Account creation –
🔗Install Azure CLI –
🔗Push & Pull images to ACR –
🔗Skaffold Github link –
🔗Azure Cheatsheet –
🔗Azure Portal
🔗My iTerm2 setup –

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17 thoughts on “Getting started with Azure Kubernetes Service | Skaffold with Spring Boot Example | Tech Primers”
  1. Ajay, can we have pass namespace in skaffold.yml? if yes can you share the template for it

  2. Really Nice Video . Explained Cloud Deployment using Scaffold.

    Can we Have a Video on manual Deployment to Azure Container Registry With Azure DevOps for CI/CD pipeline to build from registry to K8 Cluster?

    Expecting more videos on AKS ….

  3. Hi Ajay .. can v have a video on azure spring cloud and the features it provides. Thnx in advance.

  4. Hi, I am new to K8's. Will "skaffold dev" overwrite the image created by "skaffold run" in Azure Container Registry. Is it good to have two images one for dev and one for production. Please suggest?

  5. Hi bro, your explanations are great. We need Azure kubernetes services very much bro.please make and upload more videos an AKS bro.

  6. great & clear tutorial. pls use any powerpoint slide to show what steps gonna do in every video. pls do more videos in azure key areas

  7. Did you know Oracle Cloud provides an interesting always-free cloud tier? It would be interesting to have a video about it 🙂

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