Getting Started with Ansible – #7 Exploiting Roles and Collections with ansible-galaxy


    Roles and Collections Are High Level Compositions of Low Level Blocks 0:01 4:03
    Finding Content on Ansible Galaxy 5:06
    First Look at the ansible-galaxy Command and its Role and Collection Actions 6:55
    Listing Installed Roles and an Aside to Learn About keep_remote_files 11:16
    ansible-galaxy’s role install and remove Actions 13:53
    Installing a Role and Finding Role Docs Online 17:28
    Know What a Role Does before Using It for Security’s Sake and, to Know What It Will Do 22:48
    Exploiting Containers to Quickly Test Past ansible-galaxy Versions 29:28
    Safety Meets Sanity: Testing a Role in an Isolated, Freshly Created Container 32:59


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