Getting started with Ansible 16 (Series Finale) – Templates


    Ansible is an incredible configuration management and provisioning utility that enables you to automate all the things. In this series, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to use Ansible for your day-to-day administration duties. In video 16 (the final episode) we’ll learn how to create templates, that can be used to automate the creation of configuration files for services/daemons.

    Full series:
    Part 1 (Introduction):
    Part 2 (SSH Overview & Setup):
    Part 3 (Setting up the Git Repository):
    Part 4 (Running Commands):
    Part 5 (Running Elevated Commands):
    Part 6 (Writing our First Playbook):
    Part 7 (The ‘when’ Conditional):
    Part 8 (Improving your Playbook):
    Part 9 (Targeting Specific Nodes):
    Part 10 (Tags):
    Part 11 (Managing Files):
    Part 12 (Managing Services):
    Part 13 (Adding Users):
    Part 14 (Roles):
    Part 15 (Host Variables):
    Part 16 (Templates): This video

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    Getting Started with Ansible 16 – Templates

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    1. Hi my dear friend. this course helped me so much and let me understand bases of ansible better and let me learn some cool trick. Thank you so much for this course. Also I have this question that I am documenting my understandings from Ansible , Is it possible to use your videos as a resourse? I want to publish it very soon in my LinkedIn account. If it's possible please let me know and give me your LinkedIn account ID. Regards

    2. Dedicated 19 days of my time and what a ride it has been. Can't thank you enough Jay. God Bless You! You indeed have a unique Gift which only a few have. you make the most complex of things seem like child's play. thanks you once again and keep it going. I have hooked

    3. Outstanding work on this series of videos. Ansible's Wiki leaves something something to be desired, particularly for beginners. My ADD is strong, but you kept my attention and I was able to absorb the clear and concise foundation of knowledge you provide. I can't wait to deploy these techniques in my homelab of ~20 or so hosts, and retire my ever-growing bash script library :).

      You're the man.

    4. Thank you so much for this amazing series they really helped me a lot, but in this last one when I copied the ssh template and the ssh restart it failed, breaking my 2 VM's, one with parrot os and other with fedora, it says config file has errors, even after I deleted the allow users line so the file is exactly as it was, on the parrot os after purging and reinstalling ssh-server it says cant find sshd.service