Funny TikToks to cure your boredom

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50 thoughts on “Funny TikToks to cure your boredom”
  1. Hope one day I'll be able to spread happiness and laughter through my memes like you do….You're a great inspiration! Thanks, I love your memes!!

  2. 2:19 as a transmasc that gave me gender euphoria bc I’ve always done that lmao(ik it doesn’t actually make you a boy but hush let me lie to myself lol)

  3. 1:08 Its not 🤢 that's why the fandom is so bad, because of people like them who think that "all characters are supposed to be shipped"

  4. Awh shiiiii- I have a gf… I guess these ain’t for me 🙁
    2:19 ayo I guess I’m a boy, hell yeah

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