Funny TikToks that make my Monday better

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47 thoughts on “Funny TikToks that make my Monday better”
  1. The last one left me absolutely shocked. I started the tiktok confused wondering what the purpose could possibly be of such an expirament. And then I realized. It was infinitely worse than the not knowing. Tears welled up in my eyes as the struggle before me unfolded. every one of my muscles tensed, leaving me in agony. Sobs shook me. I could see no end, no way out, and then it happened. Humanity triumphed once more over hardships. The tears vanished from my eyes, I let out a breath, and complete shock overcame me. I could only stare as if in slow motion as the two by twos fell upon the table. I remained staring as the video ended, my body and soul relaxed. That tiktok touched me in a way none of you can possibly understand, just know that I will continue my life a better woman for it.

  2. What I found strange on TikTok before I deleted it:
    *Dueting videos while doing nothing.
    *Doing something random behind captions instead of using actual human dialogue.
    *Lip-syncing to things you didn't create.
    *Putting songs over captions.

  3. the weirest thing that happend to me at school was i relized that two of the ? make a heart just löööööök

  4. Heterochromia: Eye iris are two different colors.

    I didn't know what that was so I google and shared incase someone else didn't also know.

  5. more i watch these tik toks more i realize how broken is new generations humor but i still die laughing

  6. Bruh after watching the second vid I deadass felt something breath on my foot 💀🤚

  7. 9:02
    my man’s in raw unfiltered AGONY
    He lookin like he just saw every CENTIMETER of Hell, EVERY. LAST. ONE.
    I hope when it comes out he feels relief so divine he transcends reality

  8. 2:04 ok now im off to find a duck
    3:34 did him just sitting there unsettle anybody else or just me?
    7:46 just to spite this guy im going to all of those places

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