Fortigate CLI Automation Using Python : Tutorial Part 1/7 : How to send configuration using Netmiko

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Virtual Environment Tutorial:

This video demonstrates how to do fortigate CLI automation using Python.
Here demonstration includes how to use Netmiko library for initiating SSH connection to fortigate Device.
Execute show full config command in terminal and get config as a streamed output.
Send list of configuration using send_command_set methos.
Set device type as fortinet in Netmiko python Library.
Push configuration for fortigate firewall using configuration.
How to create address objects in Fortigate
Netmiko send_command and send_config set example
How to install netmiko in Python pycharm or terminal.
Initiate SSH to fortigate execute command in python using netmiko

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8 thoughts on “Fortigate CLI Automation Using Python : Tutorial Part 1/7 : How to send configuration using Netmiko”
  1. Thank you for posting these video. What are the prerequesites to check on Fortinet? (Versioning, modules ecc ecc)

  2. Kindly show us how you have integrated the Firewall with python. Or share any reference link. Thanks in advance.

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