Excel for Business Analysts Crash Course (XLOOKUP, IF, Forecast Sheets & More!)

Follow along and download the Excel for Business Analysts files for this tutorial here ►

In this 2+ hour Excel tutorial we take you through a few of the Excel functions and tools you need to perform data or business analysis in Excel. We go through VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, XLOOKUP, IF, IFs, Nested IF, Forecast Sheets, LINEAR, SLOPE, INTERCEPT, and finally, Conditional Formatting.

This tutorial was extracted from our 7-hour Excel for Business Analysts course, available here ►

We’ve made the files that the instructor uses in this tutorial available to download. Just go here to claim them ► https://www.simonsezit.com/excel-biz-analysis-instructor-files/

Time Stamps:

0:00:00 – Looking up Information with VLOOKUP (Exact)
0:11:17 – Looking up information with VLOOKUP (Approx)
0:17:26 – How to use VLOOKUP with data that expands
0:27:49 – Using HLOOKUP
0:40:03 – Combining VLOOKUP and MATCH
0:52:29 – Using INDEX, MATCH and XLOOKUP
1:09:56 – How to use the IF function
1:15:25 – More Examples of the IF Function
1:22:34 – Working with Nested Ifs
1:29:08 – The IFS function
1:37:56 – Using SUMIFS and COUNTIFS
1:49:48 – Forecast Sheets
1:57:06 – The Forecast Function
2:04:31 – Conditional Formatting

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28 thoughts on “Excel for Business Analysts Crash Course (XLOOKUP, IF, Forecast Sheets & More!)”
  1. how can i get practice files used in this tutorial and thanks for sharing such detail lecture

  2. For those that can't any files its because its not free very misleading what gets sent to u is a few introductory courses nothing advanced so you can get these files for $25 a month honestly can't believe that this person didn't state that anywhere confusing the hell out of everyone

  3. Guys I know I am late to the party. but I really would like to learn this. I can't download the material. can you please help with that. either than that, great work. I am learning so much. thank you

  4. This is what I did =INDEX(GameApps,MATCH(H4,App,0),MATCH(G5:G8,GameApps[#Headers],0)) using the INDEX function. This works great, dynamic spilled array that changes when the selected item changes. I could not get Xloopup to do this dynamic spilled array.

  5. I appreciate the videos you produce. I slightly changed your formula to =VLOOKUP($A$18:$A$20,Review,MATCH(B17:D17,$A$4:$H$4,0),FALSE) to create a dynamic spill array. This spills down. I then cop over to population and spill the other two columns. I tried to do a dynamic spill array for the range & match permitted me to do that, but it did not work right in the vlookup formula. Just trying to better understand all that can be done.

  6. Thank you Deborah. It's a very useful and easily understandable content and anyone can learn it with the way you teach.

  7. These are great lessons thank you 🙏🏿 it is very informative, clear to understand and easy to replicate in practice

  8. Thanks for the explanation in the best ways but I couldn't able to download sample sheet. It is not coming in the mail.

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