Excel Emailer with Python | Python Excel Automation

This excel emailer with python utility is a quick and beginner friendly way to leverage python excel automation. We will navigate a simple python script to use with excel to help to automate email excel spreadsheets.

Full code and files on Github: https://github.com/satssehgal/EmailExcelFiles

Note: You will need to register for a free sendgrid API key to use this utility

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9 thoughts on “Excel Emailer with Python | Python Excel Automation”
  1. Hi….I am trying to understand which code is repeating the headers for all the files. Is it line after unique?

  2. Hi!! I keep getting the "HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized" error. I am so stuck! Can you help me, please?

  3. Thank you for the amazing Tut , I'm trying to switch into finance I'm into python for like 6 months , I would like to see more like this .

  4. Hi! I work for a company that is building an online learning platform and your videos would be a perfect fit. Would it be possible to get an email address where I can send across the rest of the details.

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