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ESCP – MSc Big Data and Business Analytics


Sommaire :
00:00 Intro
2:00 What is Big Data? How is it different from Smart Data?
2:57 Do I need to be geeky or to know how to code in order to apply?
3:54 A campus in Berlin and a campus in Paris. Do I need to speak any German or French?
4:39 Do I need a specific academic background to apply?
6:51 When it comes to the interview. What are your expectations?
9:19 75% of international students representing more than 40 different nationalities. As an international Student, isn’t it better to go to Silicon Valley if I Want to study anything IT related? Also if I were to study in France, isn’t Supelec said to be better?
10:39 Why did you choose ESCP?
11:41 When it comes to the courses, how do you take the best from the campus in Paris and the campus in Berlin?
16:06 Academically speaking, how intense is this Master’s?
17:32 How does this program address the ethical and legal issues surrounding big data and AI ?
18:58 How do you make sure your courses meet the challenges of tomorrow?
20:47 Is there anything that students are not happy with about this Master’s degree?
22:04 After graduation, would this be a degree of M1 orM2?
22:12 Which companies do you have connections with? How will these connections help a student in his studies or to find a job?
24:01 Is there enough time for a student life?
25:44 Where can I work after this MSc? Will it enable me to be more than just an IT guy?
29:36 Do all of the professors have experience in the field?
30:39 This MSc in 3 words?
32:17 EXTRA – TIME


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