Encrypting Files with Ansible Vault

Ansible’s vault feature gives you the ability to encrypt and decrypt files, and can be used with or without being included in playbooks. This tutorial will show you how to use this feature, and include examples of encrypting, decrypting, adding to a task book, and more.

Individual sections:
00:43 – Creating & Storing the vault password
04:42 – Encrypting and Decrypting Files
08:39 – Editing and viewing encrypted files directly
10:21 – Using vault-encrypted files within playbooks
18:31 – Changing the vault password

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10 thoughts on “Encrypting Files with Ansible Vault”
  1. Love your videos! Your ansible series is so well put together and complete that I decided to become a patreon supporter.

  2. Jay your videos are amazing. Our group manager last week mandated we use Ansible-Vault immediately. Thanks for your efforts Jay! Excellent presentation 🙂

  3. Hey jay ,loved ur ansible series it helped me alot in my office work , can u plz tell how to share ansible vault encrypted playbook to nodes ?

  4. Hey, would you like to explain us how to execute ansible playbooks on multiple hosts with different passwords.

  5. When i thought of writing this comment, i felt that first of all i need to say THANK YOU JAY!!! you turned me ( and i guess a lot of viewers) from a novice user to a person who can build and support Ansible lab without a problem :), so thank you for that! Can you please create a tutorial of how to provision VM's in Ansible without the need to login with my cloud account?

  6. Hey, can you make window manager tutorials too? Openbox and tiling window managers. I want to get into the window managers, but how to get into them no one tells me exactly.

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