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“Revolutionizing Recruitment: Unleashing the Power of Big Data”


Hi everyone! My name‍ is Ella Leopold and I am ⁤thrilled to‌ be your​ guest lecturer for the week. I recently⁢ came across an‍ article on LinkedIn that I think is perfect for us advertising students. It’s called “How Big Data is Changing Recruitment Forever” by Bernard Marr, a globally recognized expert in business data. ​He helps companies and HR departments improve decision making and ‍performance using data.

So, what does this mean‍ for us? Well, the article explains how companies are becoming more cautious about who they hire. Hiring a new employee is​ a big financial investment, ⁢with a significant portion of a company’s revenue going towards ⁢staff salaries. By properly gathering and analyzing big data, companies can avoid wasting ‌time and ⁢resources​ on unproductive employees‌ who may quit or be fired. ‌

Traditionally, it was believed that certain characteristics, like graduating from a prestigious college, ⁢made someone a better employee. However, big data is proving these stereotypes wrong. For example, an analytics firm asked ⁢to monitor ⁢staff performance at Xerox found that previous call center ‌experience was not an⁣ indicator of success. In fact, candidates​ with criminal records often⁤ performed better. This led ⁣to a 20% reduction in staff turnover.

Let me introduce you to two candidates, Sarah and Jessica. Sarah, on the left, has a ‍criminal record but has a strong social media presence and generates great content. Jessica, on the right, is a​ recent ‌graduate‍ from Stanford with a perfect GPA. Before considering big ​data, ⁣most of us⁤ would probably ‌side with Jessica. However, big data may‌ reveal that Sarah is actually the⁤ best fit⁢ for the job.

Now, you may be wondering ​how this⁤ is relevant⁢ to⁢ our course. Well, big data is a major focus in our industry, and programs like Klout are giving potential employers more insights into who we ‌are as potential employees. Klout measures our social media influence and can be a determining factor for employers. It takes into ⁣account‌ various ‌social media networks, such⁣ as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to formulate a ​Klout score. The higher your score, the ⁣more influential you are.

So, how can we use our digital footprint to land jobs? Here are some ​tips:

1. Follow companies on ‌Facebook to⁢ stay updated‍ on job openings.
2. Optimize your Facebook profile ‌with relevant information.
3. Search hashtags on ⁣Twitter⁤ related to your industry or job search.
4. Be⁢ active on⁤ platforms like Quora and Squidoo, which recruiters frequently use.
5. Don’t neglect Google ⁣Plus, as recruiters often⁤ search for people and resumes on Google.

Understanding your Klout score can also help you measure your influence in the ​digital world. This knowledge can be applied to clients as well, as you can use ⁤your​ own social media ⁣strategy to​ showcase your ability to generate great content and engage with followers.

I encourage all of ⁣you to check your Klout score on klout.com and see what potential ⁤employers may find when they‌ look you up. Take a⁢ look at your social media content ‌and make sure it’s something ‍that would ​attract, rather than reject, you as a potential candidate.

Now, here’s a ⁤question for you: What kind ⁣of content do you think would impress an advertising employer? Create a tweet that you think would​ receive many retweets and favorites. Remember, keep it to ⁣140 characters or less. I can’t wait to see what awesome content you come up with!

Thank ‌you for listening, and here are my sources for more ⁤information on landing jobs using social media. Good luck, and I look forward⁣ to hearing your responses!


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