Eksctl Tutorial: AWS EKS Cluster Setup (Create EKS Cluster & Manage & Upgrade EKS Cluster) Ep 3


    In this eksctl tutorial, we will create an AWS EKS cluster.

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    🔴UPDATED🔴 – How to Create EKS Cluster Using eksctl? – https://youtu.be/56bgjtGUzGE

    0:00 Intro
    1:46 Create AWS VPC & Subnets & Routing Tables
    10:29 Create a Kubernetes (EKS) Cluster in Existing VPC
    19:14 Create Unmanaged Spot Instance Group
    25:27 Create Managed EKS Instance Group
    27:55 Deploy Sample Application and Expose it via Public Load Balancer
    29:57 Upgrade EKS Control Plane
    31:41 Upgrade Core Components: coredns & kube-proxy & aws-node
    34:36 Upgrade Unmanaged Instance Groups
    37:40 Upgrade Managed Instance Group
    39:02 SSH to Kubernetes Private Instance

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    1. Hello Anton. It was a great tutorial !! I was able to follow through everything. The only problem I am facing is that I am not being able to access my deployed service. The page keeps reloading. And I get a response: failed to open page. If you could suggest me a way around that'd be great. thank you!

    2. any chance you can do a video of permissions setup you did before you went into the config.yaml file. some how having hassles and thinking it is IAM permissions related. I have a user already, so would want to add role/permissions/policies to my current user… in such a way that I can also add the same permissions to my colleagues user.

    3. Hi Anton, I get a <pending> value for EXTERNAL-IP after exposing the nginx deployment (27.55)…looking online that is something that happens for local kubectl deployments. I am using EKS. Any pointers on what I might be doing wrong.. ? Thanks in advance.

    4. Hi Anton, I am trying to execute the sample following the video and github tutorial, but when I execute the command to create the cluster a received this error:
      [✖] AWS::IAM::Role/ServiceRole: CREATE_FAILED – "The security token included in the request is invalid (Service: AmazonIdentityManagement; Status Code: 403; Error Code: InvalidClientTokenId; Request ID: 64f22d90-d01d-4375-a56c-6ebe426109f2; Proxy: null)"
      I created a Role with AmazonEKSClusterPolicy and AmazonEKSServicePolicy, but the error keep going.
      Do you know what can I do to solve this issue?

      * I am using aws vault > aws-vault exec Administrator – eksctl create cluster -f eks-cluster.yaml