EASY Python Project AUTOMATION **Create new repos using GITHUB API


    Hello Curious Coders! Welcome back to another video! 👋 👋

    Today I am bringing you another Python automation project. In this video, you’ll learn how to automate the process of creating a new GitHub repository with Python using GitHub API. This is a really fun project to improve your scripting skills and to play around with different Python libraries and tools.

    I hope you guys enjoy it! Don’t forget to check the below links for more videos and Python resources! 💪

    ► https://github.com
    ► https://docs.github.com/en/rest

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    1. Even though my auth token is accepted and a repo is created on my github, each time I create a project, I still get a Github popup asking to login or provide the token once more. I've been trying to search for solutions but haven't found anything of something similar. I'm thinking it might be something with my auth token permissions. Any thoughts?

    2. Do you have any advice on how to create a repo under an organization that does not allow public repos. I can create a private repo, but I want to create an internal repo. I cannot find enough information on the arguments to pass into the post command to make the repo "internal" instead of "private".

    3. What do you do so that the code does not ask you for username and password when doing the push? I use your create_repo file and when executing it everything works but when it does the push it asks me for a username and password. I dont know if this is the problem, but when creating the token the options have some differences, for example, when i check the write packages option the repo part is blocked. (print attached https://ibb.co/GvfLRqp )

    4. I`m a new to python iam unable to pass variable args.name to payload . its giving error if i copy ur syntax .

      parser.add_argument("–name", "-n", type=str , dest="name ", required=True)

      if i pass as below it doesn't print the assigned variable .

      repo_name = args.namepayload = '{"name": " ' + repo_name ' " ,"private": true }'

      gives syntax error . SyntaxError: invalid syntax

      if I remove single quotes , only repo_name is being printed and not the value assigned to it .
      payload = '{"name": " + repo_name " ,"private": true }' gives {"name": " + repo_name " ,"private": false }