Dynatrace Demo - 5 minute getting started overview

Your app going down is annoying enough. Knowing you and the whole team have spent two days searching for the root cause of the problem is even more frustrating. It doesn’t have to be this way. Complex enterprise cloud environments require a completely new approach to monitoring. We recognized this years ago and purpose-built the new Dynatrace platform specifically for today’s hybrid, multi-cloud, microservice architectures. Watch this short, 5 minute overview demo to see how Dynatrace can be your single source of truth with AI intelligence that can tell you what you need to focus on so you can spend more time innovating and less time trouble shooting. Take the trial and see for yourself why Dynatrace is unlike any other monitoring tool you have ever used before.


11 thoughts on “Dynatrace Demo – 5 minute getting started overview”
  1. Could Iget a métric that let me see The top list of problems in a Dashboard as a custom chart in Dynatrace?

  2. What is the difference between dynatrace monitoring when the same can be monitored in AWS Cloud watch and Xray…why would I choose Dynatrace in this…? If the metrics would be same.

  3. So the agents are supported on servers/desktops/VMs/compute instances only? What about network devices/appliances? Does it do any kind of snmp discovery/scanning?

  4. I don't fucking care about deploying dynatrace
    The company is forcing me to use it.


  5. Would be better if the large screen was left magnified all the time throughout the video, when camera pans out, it's difficult to see what commentator is talking about on screen.

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