Docker Networking Tutorial // ALL Network Types explained!

Docker Networking Tutorial where I explain all network types, that you need to know! I show you how and when you should use the different network types and what you need to consider.
Based on the official Documentation:

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00:00 – Introduction
01:02 – Why should you configure Docker Networks?
01:55 – The Default Bridge Network
04:20 – The Custom Bridge Network
08:52 – Bridge Networks and Container Isolation
09:52 – The Host Network
10:49 – When to use MACVLANs or IPVLAN?
12:38 – The MACVLAN Network
17:55 – The IPVLAN Network
19:05 – Summary and what about Overlay Networks?

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24 thoughts on “Docker Networking Tutorial // ALL Network Types explained!”
  1. Much appreciated, sir. Home Assistant and Plex containers conflict listening the same 1900 port while running on bridge connection fe

  2. I'm trying to figure out how to use my 5 external public ip addresses, and have my router see lets say 5 containers from docker. Which I would give each one its own external public ip address. Would you have any idea how to achieve this?

  3. Hello, Your video is what i needed . But I woul dlik eto do the same on MAC OSX . what is the solution to have two static IP on my HOST OSX?

  4. it would be helpful if you can make a dedicated video on overlay networks and try to install Traefik and Portainer in swarm mode.

  5. Wow, didn't k ow about macvlan. So it's possible to run both Traefik (for docker apps) and Nginx (for non-docker apps to reverse proxy) at once so that both listen to port 80?

  6. I have two docker machine on same host one on overlay network of swarm and another one is on bridge network so which rules for my iptables or route i should write that my both container can communicate each other?

  7. Thank you for this refresher on docker networking. Has fixed my issue with trying to get HADR for Sql Server instances running in docker

  8. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for the clear and concise explanations for all the different network configs, and also for stepping through each.

  9. Hello! awesome videos as always, I'm struggling to achieve two docker hosts on a physical server that has two ethernet ports, on of the hosts should expose a service in one of the ethernet ports and the other host should connect and receive data from services in the other port, this is an overlay network use case for what it looks like, or is there another way?

  10. How can I run netshoot out of Portainer? It immediately stops itself after cration/starting

  11. Now I have watched your video – it was very informative. Thanks much for this. Much appreciated! 😎😎

  12. I just started watching and I hope this lands nicely! You sound exactly like 'Klaus' on 'American Dad'
    I love the show, by the way.
    Now I'm going to watch your video!

  13. how do I manage the dns settings in docker? I’ve been getting a timeout error every time I attempt to pull the HOOBS image on my raspberryPi 4
    I have portainer installed and running

  14. I have an expressjs app that talks to FFmpeg image that resides on another container, how do I send commands without having to create a web server in the FFmpeg container. Thank you

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