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Networks can be configured to provide complete isolation for containers, which enables building web applications that work together securely.

Docker Networking connects the docker container and the outside world to communicate ️ with each other and talk to Docker Host.

3️⃣ Docker installation automatically creates three networks:
Bridge – All Docker installations represent the “docker0” network with bridge; Docker connects to bridge by default.
None – This offers a container-specific network stack that lacks a network interface. This container only has a local loopback interface.
Host – This enables a container to attach to your host’s network (meaning the configuration inside the container matches the configuration outside the container).

To attach the container to any other network ️ you can use the –network flag of the run command.

A multi-host needs a higher-level Docker orchestration tool such as Docker Swarm, and ☸️ Kubernetes.

‍ If you are a Docker or Kubernetes Certification aspirant, Docker Networking is the building block of your expertise with Docker.

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00:00 = Introduction
00:26 = Agenda
01:06 = Overview of Docker Networking and Types of Docker Network
08:34 = Bridge Network
09:40 = Demo: Working with Docker Bridge Network
20:48 = Host Network
26:20 = Demo: Working with Docker Host Network
28:15 = MacVLAN Network
19:45 = Docker Network Commands
32:38 = Demo: Working with Docker Network Commands
35:16 = Learning path for Docker & Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
36:11 = FREE Class
36:34 = Registration Link for FREE Class


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