Docker Networking | Docker bridge network deep dive | Container bridge drive

This video covers detailed concepts of docker bridge networking, with demos.
Where we take a couple of docker containers and ping them using its IP and container names

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39 thoughts on “Docker Networking | Docker bridge network deep dive | Container bridge drive”
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  2. can you please explain what does mean that , -itd , d is for deattach mode, what about – and i and t .? i think t is for tag with the name

  3. I am looking for real time project troubleshooting related to docker and kubernetes. Because in real-time if we will only ping containers that will not work for us.

  4. I was actually figuring out the command on how to run my docker container in a custom created network bridge, so this helped me a lot 🙂

    it was :

    docker run -d -p 5000:5000 –name container_name –network custom-net container_img_name

    The thing is that I ssh to my containers with :

    docker exec -it container_name /bin/bash

    Thanks !

  5. I'm only 4 minutes into the video and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for already teaching me so much!

  6. The tutorial is good but it misses the very important point of explaining the bridge network itself

  7. Can you please respond that why you are able to ping other container using container name while using custom bridge network?

  8. Sir i have question, Is it possible to connect the external mysql server from remote host(not docker mounted) with docker mounted springboot application? Please help..

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