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Docker Network in Hindi | How Docker Network Works | Devops Tool | Techie Ansh


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In This Training we will ablout Docker Network:
How containers communicate internally?
Docker containers by default works on bridge network concept?

Bridge:It is separate network for container.
Whenever we start docker daemon on docker host. It create bridge by default.

# docker network ls
Note: But all container communicate via bridge within docker host.
# docker network inspect bridge | grep -i subnet
Ext Port: docker0
# ifconfig docker0
# docker run -it –name=con1 centos:7
/]# ctrl+pq
# docker inspect con1 | grep -i ipaddress
# ping
# docker run -it –name=con2 cento:7
/]# ping
/]# ping google.com
Note: By default containers uses NAT feature to reach internet via docker host network.
/]# yum install net-tools -y
/]# ifconfig eth0
/]# ctrl+pq
# docker network inspect bridge
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