Docker in 100 Seconds

🐳 Docker is a required skill for almost every developer in today’s world. Learn the basics of Dockerfiles, images, and containers in 100 seconds.

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25 thoughts on “Docker in 100 Seconds”
  1. I still don't understand. Docker is like VM but without the infrastructure like EC2? So it is similar to lambda? Its purpose is to replicate the app onto different OS environments like HTML + Visual Studio without being similar to the environment that which the app was created, i.e. python + pycharm?

  2. I like that when he says the word "faster" he shows a video of a running cheetah, and for "slow" he shows a fat cat going through the pet door 😂

  3. Docker is probably the most life-changing tool I've used in my life so far. It makes deployment as easy as running it locally.

  4. I think you moved VM's and containers a step too far down the abstraction stack. VM's don't simulate hardware, they run an OS on top of another. Containers also don't run an entire new operating system, they use the same kernel, but isolate the processes inside from the rest of the system and provide a separate filesystem, networking, process ID's etc. Maybe this is what you meant, but saying that "VM's simulate hardware" and "containers virtualize the OS" is misleading.

  5. FWIW: This is more about containerization. Docker is but one of several container management solutions out there! That said, I still prefer Docker at least for local development, given how darn easy it is to setup and use (which is really important when doing things collaboratively in teams).

  6. why do i need to pay shit load of money for colleges and wasted a lot of time there instead of able to understand that in 100s! tks mate!

  7. These are just amazing videos 😍. Really informational.
    As a person who is new to the field, I got a basic understanding of the technologies I hear from tutorials using this "in 100 seconds" series.

  8. I had a Docker complex and avoided it with my life before I bumped into this video, now I still have a Docker complex, I still think it is way too complicated and I still avoid it as much as I can.

  9. I know this is a year old, but I love how that RUN command won't work because you haven't added -y to it, so APT is going to hang asking for input.

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