DOCKER DOMINATION! St Kilda vs Fremantle AFL Matchday Vlog 2022

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45 thoughts on “DOCKER DOMINATION! St Kilda vs Fremantle AFL Matchday Vlog 2022”
  1. We must beat the dogs next week or else we are stuffed. Also I walked past you on Friday night as I was on the way to levels nightclub but I was nervous to say hello

  2. As a crows supporter I feel ur frustration from that game. I saw that reply where Freo player should clearly pinged for holding the ball, then the saints player got pinged and 50m penalty, resulting in a Freo goal, all umpires in the AFL are shit. One of the shittest decisions I've seen recently.
    I had the same frustration watching the crows v Hawks game this avo. We can share our frustration together.
    I'm just happy I haven't seen any deliberate out of bounds been played for a while. It's my least favourite part of the game, as it's so inconsistent with different dumb umpires

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